Your UX team

Our team of specialists are ready to help with your UX.

Is there a gap in your UX?

You understand that your customers are important and that a good UX will keep them happy and encourage them to spend more. Sometimes though, it is tricky to find the right person to join your team or the volume of work doesn't justify a full time UX person.

Where does Use Ability fit in?

How Use Ability can become your UX team image

We can take the strain of your UX workload. Whether you need some UX advice, or for us to join you for a project, we become your 'UX team'. Our UX specialists will speak to the right people in your organisation, learn about your user journeys and help you achieve the best experience possible for your customers.

Usability audits

Our usability audits will highlight any major issues with your user journeys and site experience. We analyse your site against a list of criteria and will advise you if there are any easy changes you should make or if further user testing is required.

Accessibility audits

Our accessibility audits will give you peace of mind that your site is accessible to all of your users. We test your site against a range of parameters and will advise you if there are changes you should make or if further user testing is required.

Rates - Your UX team

Usability audit

  • Top level analysis of homepage and main pages.
  • Check navigation ease of use.
  • Basic proof reading.
  • Confirm Sign up flow.
  • Check information hierarchy.
  • Recommend improvements to form design.
  • Highlight UX issues that require testing.
from €350 +VAT

Accessibility audit

  • Check contrast, legibility.
  • Advise on visual, physical, auditory and cognitive issues.
  • Test for page and form tab order.
  • Validate with use of screen reader technology and image alternate text.
from €350 +VAT

UX consultancy services

  • Full UX audits.
  • UX advice.
  • UX specialists available for project participation.
  • Complete UX projects.
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