Improve your usability

Whatever size business, ask real people about your site and focus on what your customers want.

Our testing process,

combined with our expertise in user research will help you get valid results.


Working with you to plan research that's effective in finding you answers. Matching your project with the right participants to ensure test day is a success.


We gain credible results by designing tasks that encourage real world use. Get the full story by asking extra questions live during the test sessions.


Observing and documenting real users allows us to advise you on issues with your UX. Fixing these problems helps optimise your customer journeys.

We can help you improve your usability, making your customers happier

Choose from our range of testing packages designed to get answers from your customers, no matter how big or small your site is.

Our usability audits will highlight any major issues with your user journeys and site experience. We analyse your site against a list of criteria and will advise you if there are any easy changes you should make or if further user testing is required.

The audit report is split into sections and relates to the homepage and top level pages of your site. We categorise the findings and give each a priority based on the negative effect it may be having on your site's usability.

example usability audit content

Our standard testing is ideal for start-ups or smaller companies with a simpler website, or those that want to have an idea of the type of results that a more in depth enhanced test can provide.

We've done the homework and created tasks for a wide range of website types and industries. So whether you are a hotel or restaurant, fashion store or accountant we can get you the important details you need about how your customers use your website.

When should you test?

After launch

test after launch

Our starter test will give you the heads up on any issues with the usability of your website. We will provide you with headline observations so you can make any changes necessary and provide your visitors with an even better experience.

Make testing a regular part of your companies product development process. Our enhanced testing allows you to get to the fine detail of your customer's thought processes and find out just how they are using your product. More importantly, you can discover where they might be having issues that could be damaging your conversions.

We work with you to plan research that will be effective for your situation. We carefully create the scenarios and tasks then match the test with the participants that best fit your customer demographic. At the end of the testing day we discuss the findings with you and help you plan how to proceed.

When should you test?

Test early and test often. Conduct regular usability testing at all stages of your products development and achieve a ROI through higher conversions and customer satisfaction through an improved user experience.

Before build

test before build

Minimise risk and unnecessary development costs by identifying problems in customer journeys prior to development. Discover issues that might stop your users from completing tasks and find serious usability issues before you launch.

After launch

test after launch

Identify issues that may be damaging to your conversions through analytics and then target these using moderated usability testing to watch your users as they encounter problems and have the advantage of being able to ask why?

Test strategically

You want to be the best, but it doesn't pay to become complacent. Use our UX comparison testing service to make sure you stay at the top of your market.
You can also test functionality in your product against other market types to see if there are areas for improvement.

UX comparison testing

comparison test with your competitors

Do you have a competitor that seems to be attracting customers and making all the money? Chances are, their customers are enjoying a great experience. With comparison UX testing, we test your site and that of your competitor with real people to find out what they are doing right and see where your UX can be improved.

Find 85% of your sites issues, quickly.

Research by NNGroup shows that testing with 5 people will uncover 85% of any usability problems.

Prices - usability services

Usability audit


  • Top level analysis of homepage and main pages.
  • Check navigation ease of use.
  • Basic proof reading.
  • Confirm Sign up flow.
  • Check information hierarchy.
  • Recommend improvements to form design.
  • Highlight UX issues that require testing.

from €350 +VAT

Standard usability test


  • Pre-defined tasks.
  • Standard participant selection.
  • Participant reward.
  • 5 x 30 minute testing sessions.
  • Choose desktop or device test.

  • Studio facilities (half day).


  • Video of testing sessions.
  • Summary of headline issues.

€550 +VAT

Enhanced usability test


  • Pre-meeting to define tasks.
  • Bespoke participant selection.
  • Participant reward.
  • 5 x 60 minute testing sessions.
  • Choose desktop, device or a mix.
  • Post test findings discussion.
  • Studio facilities (full day).


  • Videos of testing sessions.
  • Summary of headline issues.

initial test, €1,600 +VAT

repeat test, €1,500 +VAT

Pre-pay 6 Enhanced tests for only €8,700 +VAT and save €900

Add ons

Choose from:

Summary report

  • Summary findings list.
  • Priority highlighted.
from €350 +VAT

Detailed report

  • Test rationale.
  • Detailed observations with screen shots and gaze tracking where applicable.
  • Improvement suggestions.
  • Report conclusions.
from €700 +VAT

Results workshop

  • On-site presentation of findings.
from €900 +VAT

New pricing coming January 2020!

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Fixing problems before development can save you money!

Think ahead now or throw money at the problem later in order to achieve the same goal of a frictionless user experience.
If problems make their way into code they can cost 10 times as much to fix as opposed to solving issues during design.

The Use Ability studio with a test being conducted.

Our studio

A lot of planning went into creating a state of the art testing studio that our clients get results from. With multiple camera views and eye tracking as standard, the tests are streamed live to our comfortable observation lounge helping you see into the minds of your users.

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