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Malta's usability testing studio

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Create a better user experience by testing

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Independent insights from experts in UX

As our name implies, we have usability and UX at the heart of our business. Being independent allows us to be objective and provide you with valuable insights to improve conversion rates, revenue and brand loyalty.

Understand your customers

Get inside the minds of your customers and see things from their point of view. Customers design great experiences.

Validate your journeys

Review your product and the customer journey to spot issues that could limit conversion and lose sales.

Create a great experience

Build an experience that is free of pain points, that your users enjoy and will promote customer loyalty.

Our clients include,

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UX services

Let us be 'Your UX team' and step in whenever you need extra capacity to cope with the user experience on your projects.

Whether it's a usability audit to heuristically validate your usability against key criteria or you want us to step in and help with the UX on one of your projects. We have the skills to meet your requirements.

Your UX team
example tested by U logo

Let others know that you take user experience seriously with visual proof of a great UX by displaying the 'tested by u' certification on your website.

Available to clients that test and then fix any issues that were found, the 'tested by u' logo when clicked will take your visitors to a page that verifies the authenticity of the certification.